09th Jun

Brexit has a silver “LogiLink-lining”

Brexit ‘clouds’ continue to cast their shadows across trade and commerce in all industry sectors making for a challenging trading environment. The logistics industry and in particular cross-border logistics & transportation is necessarily confronting a host of these challenges not just Brexit or the result of Brexit.

The absence of global digital standards, protocols for the transfer of timely & accurate data, uniformity of processes and the sheer scale and variables in logistics & transport makes for a fragmented approach. It is unkind to be too critical in the face of Brexit, Covid and restrictive working practices when for the most part important sectors of the economy such as medical, pharma, agricultural, food and fuel have performed masterly.

However the reality for businesses is that the changes wrought by Brexit has been at a cost – not just monetary but also environmental and personal (including on the pressures on workforces). Consumers will also have seen creeping costs as well as some popular products unavailable or with extended delivery times.

Brexit offers and still offers the opportunity for positive change for the UK and its European partners. The initiative rests with government, leading industry players, technology and innovative & flexible approaches by businesses such as LogiLink to pave the way to more transparent, accountable, streamlined and cost effective solutions.

LogiLink is essentially a logistics app store – plug-and-play for networking best-of-breed applications to facilitate the movement of goods around the world. LogiLink is Brexit ready and fully Brexit ‘compatible’.

LogiLink, as an example, connects e-commerce platforms, with inventory management & stock orders, payment gateways, tax & duty calculation, fulfilment pick list set-up, multi-carrier selection, final mile label print, consolidation options for export/import, export / import documentation, messaging, translations, activity reporting (real-time), customer services & CS ticketing, accounting & invoice reconciliation, claims handling and returns management. These systems network for inter-connecting supply chains in effect providing your own and your partners dedicated eco-system. Clients can switch on or off or add as many apps as needed including multiple selling platforms, multiple fulfilment houses across different countries.

LogiLink is an ‘open-platform’ that also enables clients with their own in-house or contracted IT teams to plug-and-play and adjust settings as they require.

Brexit has a silver ‘LogiLink-lining’.

The teams at LogiLink are available on a non obligation basis for consultation and video demonstrations at your convenience.

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